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Interface Download

Download Interface
(Version 2.0)

1. Download interface

You want to use the data from Glib for your own expert programs?
Download the interface here and see how easy it can be to use the data without detours.

With example programs, documentation and prefabricated basic structures you can start immediately.

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2. Extract files to MQL5

Navigate to the just downloaded .zip file in the Explorer.
By default it is located in the Download folder of your operating system.

Now add the files from the .zip file to the folders in the MQL5 directory.
The path to the MQL5 directory should be approximately as follows: C: / Users / Your username / AppData / Roaming / MetaQuotes / Terminal / Your Ternimal ID ... 441AFE / MQL5
Alternatively, you can find the MQL5 folder if you click on "File" in the MetaEditor and then "Open file folder"

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3. Open Sample Programs

Glib is already at your side to use it in your own Expert Programs.

We recommend you to open the Glib_FullTrading_Sample.mq5 to get a first overview how easy it is to access the data of Glib. Each line in this sample code is commented, so that you can trace at any time what each line of code does.

The result of this example is no less than the program "Glib Chart Patterns Support Resistance Utilities" which you have downloaded from the MQL5 Market. You could now adapt it further and more detailed according to your wishes.

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4. Programming

If you want to bring Blank your own idea to life, we recommend you to use the template Glib_Blank.mq5. In this one is the basic structure for the immediate use of Glib prefabricated.

In case necessary you can of course also start with a completely blank sheet or add your existing expert programs with Glib. Just add the Glib.mqh#include <Glib.mqh> ) to your program and you have access to all classes of Glib.