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Chart Patterns

Support and Resistance

Quick Trading


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Chart Patterns

Calculation and display of the 15 most famous and most traded chart formations.

Early display during the formation of the patterns, together with important trading lines. Including the theoretical probability based on the number of previous occurrences to support existing trading systems.

Information if the pattern is in the early stages / nearly completed / breaking out or fully built.

Interface to programming for all trade-relevant information on past and emerging patterns, to create rapidly automatic systems based on your trading strategy.

Support and Resistance

Live display of all current support and resistance including pivot points.

Fast determination of the priority of the individual lines by information such as the timeframe and the number of touches.

Optional choice on whether all lines should be displayed, or only those that have not been breached yet.

All results, including additional information can be included in own expert programs through the interface.

Quick Trading

Quick Trading offers up to 5 predefined, customizable buttons in the chart.

No more missed entries due to own manual calculations and adjusting position sizes. Forget about awkward "1-click" trading tools. Simply position the StopLoss and optionally the TakeProfit/Pending prices with a shortcut in the chart and open the position with a real 1-click at the right moment.

Position size is automatically calculated with the preset, desired risk.

Never again run the risk of using too much capital due to delayed entries. Never again give away money with too low position sizes. Trade exactly with the desired risk. Liquid price fluctuations are no longer a problem because the calculation takes place at the time of order placement.

Automatic adaptation of false sizes of positions by the functions Round-Out-Of-Range and Force-Open. The Round-Out-Of-Range-Function corrects positions that exceed max-Lot or lie below min-Lot. If your funds are tight, Force-Open corrects the position size to the maximum lot size based on the financial means. *Features disabled by default and enable at your own risk.

CRV display if StopLoss and TakeProfit are drawn in the chart. Additional pending line shows Pending CRV.

Simplification of the Ordermanagement in the MQL5-Programming for standard functions. For example, one-line open and close positions.

Plug and Play

Glib simply drag and drop into the chart and get started immediately. Full customizable. No forced or set to a single time unit, Glib adapts to the user, not vice versa.

Glib works through a user-defined and selected number of time units. Data of different time units are summarized on a chart, so you never miss an opportunity and no longer overlook counter signals!


You won't find this anywhere else: For MQL5-Developers Glib offers furthermore an interface in which all calculated data can be read and used for high-quality optical trading algorithms! Simply download the library and start coding with simple instructions. A sample code and video tutorials (*coming soon) help you to quickly implement your own ideas! For more information visit

Access to many other useful functions such as ZigZag functions with intelligent indicator calculation and many information about extrema.

Save a lot of work with fast and simple functions such as reading the spread or the center of a candle.

Keep the code short and clear and maximize functionality for your trading systems without long detours.

Glib - Less work, more Life!