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If no other function call takes place, this function can be used to draw at every tick.

void  GChartPatterns.JustPaint();


//--- Include the Glib classes
#include <Glib.mqh>

//--- Creation of a pointer to an empty class object
GChartPatterns *chartPatterns;

int OnInit ()
   //--- Assign the class to the empty class object
   chartPatterns = gChartPatterns();

   //--- Initialize the data of the class


void OnDeinit (const int reason)
   //--- Release memory on exit
   delete chartPatterns;

void OnTick ()
   if ( chartPatterns.Ready() ) //--- will be executed when all data are ready
      //--- Draws all selected formations on the chart

See also

GChartPatterns.Init, GChartPatterns.ClearPaint, GChartPatterns.SetPaintBuild, GChartPatterns.SetPaintFinish